Meet the Morecambe dog sitters!

Dog sitters, home boarders, canine carers, call them them what you will – here’s the qualified and highly capable team that will ensure 24hr care for your dog(s) and make sure their every need is catered for…



Gail Hendra t/a Gail's Home Dog Boarding

Gail Hendra worked for 37 years in the nursing profession and now runs Gail’s Home Dog Boarding. She handles enquiries, meet-and-greets, booking dates, payments and other arrangements.  Gail is also the primary canine care-giver: she does most of the walking, feeding and playing with the dogs (and the cuddles), making sure they are settled and comfortable.  A qualified pet first-aider, she falls in love with just about every dog she meets.



Dog sitter no.2 - Gail's husband, David.

David Hendra is Gail’s husband; they have been happily married since 1986. A retired teacher, he handles all the “clever” website stuff and other computer jobs, such as social media updates and book-keeping. He makes countless cups of coffee for his very lucky wife.  David is also a qualified pet first aider and sometimes helps Gail with her dog-care duties. And like her, he’s a big softy when it comes to dogs. So, more doggy cuddles…




Max is a Patterjack (Jack Russell and Patterdale Terrier cross). He was adopted from Wolfwood in October 2018 after being abandoned on the beach. He took a little while to settle in but now rules the roost; he’s probably the real boss around here. He loves bisky bones and people; not necessarily in that order (but maybe…) He enjoys being with other dogs, but will happily stay with family if his “enthusiasm” proves too much for our doggy visitors!


Come and visit us…

It’s always good to know exactly who you’re dealing with, isn’t it? So, as part of the application process for home dog boarding, you’ll come and visit Gail, David and Max at our home for a “Meet-and-Greet” session. We’ll show you around and we’ll be more than happy to try to answer any questions you might have (and David might even make you a cuppa!)