How to book dog home boarding in Morecambe

If you haven’t booked with me before, you will need to complete the following four steps:


IMPORTANT: Your dog boarding dates are NOT guaranteed until ALL FOUR steps are completed!
(But I’ll help you get them done quickly and easily.)


Step One: check the dates

Get in touch with me by phone or email to check your holiday dates are available for dog home boarding. 


Step Two: the paperwork 

Download, print, complete, sign and send me all four forms in my Application Pack, which comprises:

Application form
Policies and Procedures
Service Agreement
Veterinary Release

(If you are unable to print the forms, give me a call and I’ll send you some.)

To comply with all animal welfare regulations and make sure your dog is safe and well cared-for, there is a lot of paperwork! But don’t worry: you only have to do it once! Future holidays can be booked by phone or email using mainly the information I have from the first booking, so next time it will be a lot easier and quicker!


Step Three: Meet & Greet

After receiving your forms I will get in touch with you to ask any additional questions. If my service seems suitable for your dog, I will arrange a Meet & Greet session with you and your dog, which will include an opportunity for you to see my home, meet my own dog and go out for a short walk together.


Step Four: Secure your booking

If we are both happy to proceed, simply pay your deposit (50%) and your booking is secured. Job done!

(Details of due dates for fees and my cancellation policy are in the Policies and Procedures document.)


Other documents

In addition to my information contained in the Application pack, you are welcome to view my other documents when you come for the Meet & Greet session:

Dog-boarding licence
Insurance certificate
Pet First Aid certificate
Animal Welfare Compliance Policy

When your deposit is paid, I will also give you a Drop-Off Checklist to make sure you remember everything to bring for your dog’s stay.